Enemy on Board is a Free-to-Play multiplayer game for PC that combines hidden-role gameplay with fast-paced action combat. Each round, 6 players wake up on a spaceship and 2 are randomly selected to be secret Aliens. Fight, lie and sleuth to survive. Last team standing wins.

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If you're an Innocent crew member...

Your ship has been infiltrated. Two of your crew mates have been replaced with shape-shifting Aliens.


Scavenge weapons and tools from around the ship and use any and all of your sleuthing methods to identify and kill the Aliens before they kill you.

If you're a 

BloodThirsty Alien...

You look, talk, and walk like a crew member, but deep down inside, you are a bloodthirsty Alien.


Work with your Alien partner to gather evolution points from unsuspecting innocents. 


Have enough? Transform into your true form and wreak havoc.


Exclusive Gear

Unlock new tools, weapons and limited edition characters.

Built in
Voice Chat

Lie, scream, deceive and troll your friends and enemies.



Compete with players worldwide

to become the best.

Coming Soon...

Map and Item Editor

Behold your inner creative. Build new maps, items, and modes to share with your friends. 

The possibilities are endless.

Seasonal Updates

Explore the deepest reaches of space. Seasonal updates will bring new stories alongside limited edition crew members, items, and aliens.